From Seed to Table Enterprise

100% Arabica Roasted Coffee

Award Winning

Genius shan Highlands Coffee is an award winning social enterprise. We are proud members of several international coffee organizations, including the SCAA, SCAE, WCR, ACE and Myanmar Coffee Association.We operate with an emphasis on the 3E's of rural development:Evaluation, Education and Empowerment.We have an ongoing crowdfunding program for our fans who what to own a small piece of the Genius mission, as well as personal investments in Genius franchises and cash investment as we scale up production and growth of our coffee and related value added products.
As part of our unbreakable commitment to our farmers, their villages and communities, Genius Shan Highlands Coffee contributes 10% of total revenues form our coffee related business.

Great coffee, great team! I will be ordering more for sure!


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